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We all visit our grandparents on our vacation, and with the time, we experience a change in their attitude as well. Some of them become crankier than ever. The reason can be many. Their growing age and medical conditions can be topmost. But what actually bothers them is difficulty in running their daily errands like grocery shopping, cleaning, boil payments, hospital appointments, transportation, cooking, and eating. You cannot just help them financially. They need more time and love. Seniors at their elderly age needs a care like a child does. What you can do to enlighten their mood and to help them with their basic needs are:

  1. Taking them for shopping

Whenever you visit your grandparents, spend time with them not just at home but outside. Taking them to grocery shopping or to the mall helps enlightening their mood a lot.

  1. Taking them to the hospital

Going to the hospital can be scary for anyone. Taking them to meet their hospital appointments can be a great joy for them.

  1. Giving them medicines on time

Keeping the schedule of their medicines and making sure that they get it regularly can be a great help. Put reminders on your cellphones and text or call them to remind about medicines.

  1. Taking them to meet family and friends

What older people miss the most is their old friends with whom they have spent their younger age. Meeting with old friends and family could provide them with relief.

  1. Offering them guidance

Teach them about the latest technology about how to use a smartphone, or make a video call, or see news from all over the world, or learn the craft on YouTube, etc.

  1. Keeping them updated

Keep them updated with the latest news, events, and trends. Make them participate in them so they can enjoy their time too.

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