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Being a caregiver requires a lot of dedication, compassion, hard work, and commitment. You have to feel their discomfort and pain from inside. The following are the 10 essential things you need to focus on being a caregiver.

  1. Light physical activities

Yoga, brisk walking, dancing, and chair aerobics are few of the light exercises you can make them do to maintain their physical fitness.

  1. Light Housekeeping

Being a caregiver doesn’t mean you have to be formal all the time. It is more about becoming their companion.

  1. Appropriate Safety Precautions

While taking them out or any other place, take good care of hazards. Make precautions prior while taking them to a hospital or any other place.

  1. The conversation should be natural

The conversation should be light and natural rather than just about their medical conditions. Keep themselves aware of the latest news and events.

  1. Design a Bathing Schedule

Do not stress them with daily bathes; it’s not as easy as it seems. Make a schedule for bathing.

  1. Dignity should be respected

Their dignity should be respected while bathing. Keep clothes ready as the bath finishes. In case of a bed bath, only uncover one part at a time that is being cleaned.

  1. Involve in Meal preparation

Preparing meals as per elders’ tastes and limitations are hard. Keep their tastes and conditions in mind while cooking.

  1. Personal Hygiene is important

Mouth care, skin care, shaving, and hair cleaning are all means of personal Hygiene that should be practiced regularly.

  1. Self-Care should be maintained

Encourage them for self-care as much as possible. It develops self-independence.

  1. Tripping Hazards should be avoided

Cables, furniture, loose wires, mats ad rugs, and floorboards are the common causes of possibilities for tripping hazards. Keep the walking area clear.

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